Astrodicticum simplex



Like a planet that rotates around its own axis.

Like a planet that rotates around its own axis, the dancer turns and turns without perceiving what is going on around him. In spite of a lot of activity he stands still, rooted to the spot. Moving and stationary at the same time he revolves and rotates around himself. He carries out these movements without asking questions. He gives the impression of being without uninhibited and free but has he perhaps, without being aware of it got bogged down. Is he waiting for the next experience, for the next burst of energy that will drive him on again – and then possibly free him from this eternal rotation. Has he got stuck in routine and habit? Is he capable of further development?

The attempt to loosen his bonds and free himself – bending and stretching – takes all his power and energy. But what could he do with his newly acquired freedom? It will give him the ability to leave this spot, wander from place to place. How will he use the possibilities of this new situation?


Photos by Karen Schultze