„Idem“ is a contemporary-dance company which has developed it’s own style and „language“ with the aim of expressing or formulating ideas and concepts through the medium of dance, theatre, music and acrobatics.

The creation and development of our pieces is based on mutual understanding and trust. Idem presents a view of the world in which humour and spontaneity, aesthetic considerations and the wish to be free dominate. Idem’s view is that dance is like life, in so far as we constantly alternate between planned sequences and free improvisation.

« We like mixing up styles and types of dancing, thereby exploring many different ways of doing things. What we want to avoid is repetition and routine. Our aim is to challenge our audience as well as ourselves. Our training method is based on the contemporary-dance style and techique but we also include elements from a variety of sources: capoeira, the circus, martial arts, character-dance and sophrology (relaxation-techniques).

Our personal style emphasizes physicality because we believe that being „strong“ is just as important as being sensitive. „Self-awareness“ plays an important role for us in that we believe that each person can develop by becoming more aware of his or her own body as well as its relationship to the surrounding space or environment. This helps to feel the energy and dynamism of other persons. In short, we take over all kinds of influences and incorporate them in something uniquely ours.

We also believe firmly that each individual has something valuable to offer. For this reson we wish to open our classes as widely so that as many people as pssible can « discover » themselves. For this reason we are planning improvisations and sequences which will lead to great realisation of one’s personal consciousness as well as offering new and stimulating experiences. »


Clément Bugnon & Matthias Kass