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Last Workshop in Lausanne

3 & 4 December 2016

company Idem is organizing open workshops for dancers.

The workshops are intended for professionals and amateurs, but also for “movers” from other fields, for example martial arts, hip-hop, ballet, circus as well as creative people looking for a new experience. For this reason the workshops will include: training with different moving techniques, which the company also use to create its choreographies. Through this you will gain an inside into the way a professional dance company works. You may also discover various ways to approach movement in all its facets. As a result, you will understand body mechanisms better and this will help to move more freely. By learning some of the movements from company Idem’s productions, your ability to move more expressively will improve. In addition, this will help you to understand how a scene is created or a theme illustrated.

Always from 10am to 1pm, at the studio Annexe 36,

Gare de Sébeillon (Cargo Domicile building) Rue de Genève 103, 1004 Lausanne.

Fee for the Workshop: one day 50CHF two days 80CHF. Professional dancers half price.

To register for the Workshops please send us an email to:



30th International Competition for Choreographers Hannover 2016

We are extremely happy and proud to announce, that not only were we chosen for he final round of last weekend´s „International Competition for Choreography“ in Hannover but also won the Eric Gauthier prize and as a result will present a new work of ours during the „Colours International Dance Festival“ organized by him in July 2017 in Stuttgart.




The trailer of “EQUI-LIBRE” is now available.