A man departs. He has decided to undertake this journey/adventure. To go away, far from what he knew up till then. Somewhere very different. He takes his identity with him. He leaves and slowly adapts and gets used to a new way of life. After some time he almost succeeds in not missing the culture from which he came. He builds and constructs a new and very different life. This process involves many discoveries and this gives him pleasure. He enjoys exploring new ways of doing things – a new way of life. He meets other people and new friendships are created. His life takes unexpected turns. This experience enriches him.

Nevertheless in his soul he vascillates between the memories of his past and his new reality. His life seems to be a mixture between two cultures and he sometimes asks himself to which one he really belongs. Maybe a sort of combination or fusion of both?

Clément Bugnon (choreographer)

Amelie Lambrichts, Giada Zanotti and Matthias Kass (dancers)

Ida Zenna (photographer)

Myrien Barth & Timo Schaub (video)

Co-production: Interdans Festival