In this work company Idem explores how gesticulating touches us emotionally. The restrictions imposed due to Corona, not having close physical contact, for example or being obliged to wear medicinal masks has made us more aware of just how important gesticulating is. Normally, we interpret gesticulation in seconds and are moved by what we see – “touched”.  

Gesticulation arouses emotions, indicates and exposes the kinds of relationships between people, and offers an endless spectrum of possibilities how to communicate. 

Whereas an open hand showing upwards expresses openness, a hand pointing downwards can be interpreted as both dominance but also calming…        

Using a stage-set with walls that divide, exaggerated facial expression and explosive movements, company Idem´s  choreography interprets the social und human situation during Covid19.

Choreographer / director: Matthias Kass

Performers: Rosalia Pace & Matthias Kass

Assistant: Clément Bugnon

Broadcasting manager: Marion Noëlle

Composer / musician: Michio Woirgardt

Stage & costume designer: Katharina Andes

Light designer: Clément Bugnon

Photographer: Lucie Busch

Video production: Matthias Rieber

Supported by: Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the federal Government Commission for Culture and the Media. Fonds Darstellende Künste NEUSTART KULTUR #neustartkultur #TakeAction, Seelsorgeeinheit Markdorf AND Kunstverein für Tanz company Idem.