Most of us would like to live in harmony with ourselves and in peace the people and environment around us even if what is going on around us seems to be exactly the opposite. Although we try continuously to achieve a balance in our lives the moments in which we achieve such a state of tranquillity and happiness are rare.

The two characters in this piece have taken up their positions in the scene and begin to live out their respective roles. One of them is dominant and arrogant. He amuses himself by maltreating and humiliating the person lying at his feet. Smirking maliciously all the while, he even demands applause from the spectators for his deeds. His target meanwhile, passive and inert is seemingly willing to put up with all violations. Like a lifeless object he gets pulled and pushed into the most painful contortions. His docility appears to only motivate his tormentor to even greater brutality as a proof of his absolute domination. After what seems a long time the figure lying on the ground begins to develop tentative movements of his own, which his tormentor interprets as resistance. Both protagonists engage in a struggle to create a state of balance out of what had been a totally unequal and destructive relationship. This turns out to be a difficult and exhausting process. It becomes clear that only by an open and honest confrontation, combined with a never-tiring endeavour to reach a balance, a worthwhile and fulfilled co-existence can be achieved. If we wish to live in harmony and peace with our fellow human beings we must be prepared to engage in this struggle over and over.

Matthias Kass (choreographer & dancer)

Clément Bugnon (choreographer & dancer)

Michio Woirgardt (composer)

D. Rossetti, Karen Schultze, Stéphane Schmutz, Carole Alkabes, Yoan Jeudy, Robert-Tito Haarpaintner (photography)

Support: LeZartiCirque