About us

In 2011 Clément Bugnon and Matthias Kass founded “company Idem”. They had got to know one another during their dance training at the famous Ballet-Academy of the John Cranko School in Stuttgart. They gave their debut as choreographers with the piece “Idem”, which achieved immediate success and toured at a number of European festivals.

The strength of “company Idem” lies in the creative and innovative power of its founders as well as their experience as dancers. “We combine different styles and dance-directions and in this way can create an infinite number of possibilities. Repeating ourselves and dull routine can thus be avoided. Our choreographies take an intense physicality on the part of the performers for granted and because of this, their energy and dynamism is liberated and set free”. Apart from their passion for highly expressive movements, Clément Bugnon and Mattthias Kass share a regard for high professional standards for themselves and their work. Their sensitive and attentive personalities permeate their productions and makes them so authentic. In their pieces so far, they have concerned themselves with existential themes without losing sight of their complexity or simplifying these.

It was precisely this aspect, which led the internationally acclaimed choreographer Eric Gautier to be so enthusiastic about their piece “Becoming” at the International Choreography Competition in Hannover, Germany in 2016, and led to them being awarded the “Eric Gauthier Prize”.

In 2017, the company was awarded the CEPY-foundation regional cultural prize in canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

From 2022 until 2025 company Idem is artist in residence at the Théâtre Benno Besson in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.


Ida Zenna (photographer)