Kass has placed the different types of characters of the Enneagramms in a social context. He presents our world as a one consisting of windows, which can be opened but are always restricted and limited by their frames – just as our own patterns of behaviour and thoughts are so often imprisoned. In the beginning he establishes and defines the different characters and allows them to interact. Apart from their inner conflicts and different personalities, they are all confronted by the realities of society, such as ignorance, chaos and destruction.

In „Windows“ Matthias Kass was not only inspired by the theory of character-types, but also by the visual symbol of the Enneagramm itself, as well as choreographic material which Georges I. Gurdhieff, the father of today´s Enneagramm created.

Matthias Kass (choreographer & director)

Clément Bugnon (choreographer)

Alessio Burani, Simone Elliott, Tiana Lara Hogan, Peter Matkaicsek, Fabian Moreira, Rei Okunishi, Louisa Poletti, Harumi Takeuchi, Lucas Roque, Tommaso Quartani (dancers)

Szymon Brzóska & Olga Wojciechowska (composers)

Ramin Mo (photographer)

Clément Bugnon (video)

A production for the Theater Regensburg (Germany).

This work has been created for the dancers of the Theater Regensburg.