The piece “Idem” is a duo in which both protagonists are wearing a mime-mask. In the course of the piece they both go through a process of experimentation and learn to understand one another and themselves better. During this process they bind themselves more and more together.

The piece reflects the origin of the dual-concept ‘identity’. Identity as we see it is dictated by the person´s environment but also has its roots in the particular and singular character of each individual – so to speak generically determined. The piece explores the mechanisms involved in developing an identity. To what extent is one a unique individual, so to speak pre-determined and how does the interaction with a group of other people affect or change this?

The piece also explores the relationship between identities. Are identities “alive” in the sense that they grow? When is one’s identity dictated by the group and when does one influence, formulate or even dictate the identities of others?

The mechanisms of our world today try to develop a communal identity, in which there are set patterns and examples to copy. In some cases our identities change when we imitate people who we admire, they become our role-models. Nonetheless, as individuals we have to decide where to draw a line between an “identity” which, although imposed, we can still accept and an “identity” which we have to reject outright in order to reveal ourselves. “Consumerism” plays an important role in the mechanism in which identities are “created” because of the things we possess and have accumulated over the years.

By exchanging ones roles and trying to “live” other identities, one can gain valuable insights into how such mechanisms operate and sometimes even take over. We want to present our concept combined with a sense of humour and even comedy. Our hope is that the audience will be faced with questions that they will answer for themselves.

Matthias Kass (choreographer & dancer)

Clément Bugnon (choreographer & dancer)

Camille Lamy, Christian Glaus (photography)

Clément Bugnon (video)

Co-production: Theater Lüneburg