With Control, company Idem explores some of the basic polarities of our human existence. How as human beings we try to gain control over our existence in a world that is by nature capricious and unpredictable. How we build our identity in dialogue and exchange with others through a constant process of coming together and separating. How this puts us out of balance and how we constantly have to find ways to rebalance.

In between the ‘faith’ we think we are born into and the ‘destiny’ we feel we need to accomplish, we try to make our own choices at the different ‘cross roads’ we encounter. We try to bring order into chaos; to find moments of rest in the turbulence; to build our dwellings and monuments to mark our journey through life. The processes of ‘socializing’ and ‘educating’ ourselves, are often ways to try to fit into the pre-existing order. At the same time, we try to influence our environment and the people around us, who in their turn influence us.

Human life consists of people constantly bumping into each other. We are porous beings. The energy and emotions of others constantly touches us in the same way that our states affects them. The waves and oscillations this creates can put us out of balance but also create potential for change and transformation.

Rather than putting these ideas and themes into a linear narrative which allows for only one reading or interpretation, the dance theatre of company Idem wants to create a poetic imaginary that allows the audience to actively participate by engaging their own memories, images and stories and eventually join the ‘chain of humanity’.

Guy Cools (Dramaturge)

Matthias Kass (choreographer & director)

Clément Bugnon (choreographer)

Guy Cools (dramaturge)

Michio Woirgardt (composer)

Besim Morina (light & stage-design)

Constance Bugnon, Loretta d’Antuono, Joachim Ciocca, Marc Lapuerta Lizana and Stefano Roveda (dancers)

Ida Zenna (photographer)

Kai Wido Meyer (video)

Co-production: Théâtre Benno Besson

Support: Canton de Vaud, the cities of Yverdon-les-Bains & Sainte-CroixErnst Göhner Foundation, Migros Cultural Percent, Loterie Romande, the Casino Théâtre RolleLeZartiCirque and the Dampfzentrale Bern.