As the title says, we have chosen to deal with our “Inner Demons”. These are all the things which prevent us from being free. They are our fears, worries, addictions, bad habits and negative feelings such as hatred and dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately it is these “Shadows” (Jung) which determine our lives and influence the decisions we make, often for the worse. Is there a way to accept our “demons” and thereby free ourselves from them or integrate them in our lives? Instead of letting them determine or handicap our lives we could use them to our advantage. Repressing, disowning or fighting them involves a huge loss of energy.

We created “Inner Demon”, our first short-movie, in the fall of 2012 in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. Most of it was shot in what are now empty factories that once produced mechanical music boxes. In March 2013 the film was awarded the fourth prize at the International Dance-Film Festival in Luzern, Switzerland. This movie is another illustration to the same-name dance piece that we created right after at the Tanzhaus Zurich. The movie gives us possibilities that we don’t have when creating pieces for the stage and allows another point of view on the subject.

Clément Bugnon (director, choreographer, performer & idea)

Matthias Kass (choreographer, performer, music editor)

Issey Llambias (director, camera operator, editor post-production & light designer)

Robin Dall’Aglio (assistant & extra)

Cyril Combes (photographer)

Support: LeZartiCirque