The idea for this performance arose while reading a newspaper article with the title “Verlust der Nacht” (translated: “the loss of the night”). It became clear to me that this topic is an issue in the lives of many people today but that only very few are aware of it, or are acquainted with what is called “Lichtverschmutzung” (translated “pollution through light”).

Whilst reading, I immediately understood that this phenomenon is far more complex than it at  first appears to be.  For my part, I must confess that I had never thought about it before because of a total  involvement in my daily life. The fact that in our cities it is  “constantly day” doesn’t seem to disturb us unduly. However some aspects of this “harmless” phenomenon made me ask questions. “If I can always see everything clearly recognise all details, how much scope is there for what is mysterious and intangible. How can hidden and inpenetrable areas of shadow still stimulate our imagination?” In contrast to scientific methods which always look for proof and have the desire to know and undertand everything, for example what is happening at the bottom of the ocean, it was always the night, which stimulated our imaguination and awakened in us feelings: fear, anxiety and  peacefulness but also our other senses – and not only that of seeing. In the night we lose our “compass” as it were and our control over ourselves and the rational world.

Clément Bugnon (choreographer & director)

Matthias Kass (choreographer & dancer)

Marina Fonseca, Sabrina Gargano, Matthias Kass and Kazuma Glen Motomura (dancers)

Guy Cools (dramaturge)

Michio Woirgardt (composer)

Besim Morina (light & stage-design)

Ida Zenna (photographer)

Clément Bugnon (video)

This dance performance of company Idem created within the project “Dance and Dramaturgy”.

Co-production: Theatre Sévelin 36

Support: Théâtre l’Usine Geneva, Dampfzentrale Bern, Tanzhaus Zürich, Canton of Vaud, The city of Sainte-Croix, LeZartiCirque, Loterie Romande, Prohelvetia, Migros Cultural Percent and SSA (Société Suisse des Auteurs).