Ida Zenna (photographer)

Clément Bugnon was born in Orbe, Switzerland. He began his training as a dancer in Switzerland. After attending the Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes, he completed his training at the John Cranko-Ballet-School in Stuttgart, Germany. Between 2004-2006 he was also the holder of the Migros Culture Percentage Scholarship for dance.

In August 2006 he started his professional career at the Städtisches-Theater in Chemnitz, Germany. In 2009 he moved to the Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck in Austria. 

From 2011 until 2012 he was a member of the company in the Theater Lüneburg, (Germany). In addition he has worked as a soloist with numerous choreographers such as Philippe Talard, Stefan Thoss, Robert North, Jochen Heckmann, Rudi van Dantzig, Yuki Mori and Kinsun Chan.

His first work as a choreographer was the piece “Meeting Point”, which was performed in 2008. In 2009 he organized the event “Human being, being human?”. In the same year he created and participated in the performance “Five”, a piece combining dance, live music and acting.

His piece “Wer bin ich?” of 2010, for which he also composed the music, was followed by “Go on Roots” for the “Tiroler-Landestheater” in Innsbruck.

The full length performance “Bitte vergessen Sie Ihr Gepäck nicht”, created in collaboration with seven other dancers followed in 2012.

For the International Dance Festival Interdans in Belgium he created the pieces: “m’entends-tu?”, “TDAH avec”, “Zyklus” and “Departure”. From 2010 until 2012 he was the artistic assistant of this festival.

In 2011 he founded the company Idem, together with Matthias Kass. Since then they have created several new pieces, which have been successfully performed in various European cities and festivals.


Ida Zenna (photographer)

Matthias Kass was born in Friedrichshafen, Germany. He started his training as a dancer in 1998 at the John Cranko-Ballet-School in Stuttgart, Germany. In 2006 – 2007 he complemented his training by focussing on modern technique at the Palucca–Schule in Dresden.

His professional career began in September 2007 at the Theater-Magdeburg.

In September 2010 he joined the Hessisches-Staatstheater in Wiesbaden, under the direction of Stephan Thoss. In addition he has worked with numerous choreographers such as Rui Horta, Sylvia Camarda, Jiri Bubenicek, Monica Runde, Robert North and Medhi Walerski.

2011 He was selected by Akram Khan to dance at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games 2012 in London.

In 2009 he also began working as a choreographer. As part of the
Tanzfest Frei/Stil in Magdeburg, he organized a full length performance, and created the piece “3Three” for which he also composed the music.

In 2010 followed “Dependence” (with music by Alfred Schnittke), performed at the International dance festival Interdans in Belgium.

His choreography “Phenomena”, with music by Tool and Psyselector was performed regularly during the season 2011-2012 at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden as well as at the dance festival Interdans 2011.

In 2011 he founded the company Idem, together with Clément Bugnon. Since then they create several new pieces, which are successfully performed in various European cities and festivals.

In collaboration with the Tanztheater International festival in Hannover, Matthias created the performance “Unknowing”. This piece, commissioned by the Staats-Theater-Hannover and premiered on 31. August 2013 involved nine dancers.

2018 Matthias choreographed as a guest choreographer for the dancers of the Theater Regensburg, the piece “Windows”. The premiere took place on the 30. June 2018, at the Velodrom Regensburg.

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