a production by Sandy Flinto & Pierrick Grobéty

The immoral sexual relationship between the wife of King Minos and a bull gives birth to a Minotaurus, a grotesque but innocent creature. He is rejected, imprisoned in a labyrinth and finally killed by Theseus in a bloody fight.


The Minotaurus wanders forsaken through the labyrinth of our minds without being able to escape. He exists within these walls and cannot show himself outside them. The Minotaurus symbolizes the parts of us which are not acceptable in society.


When a person opens his being in order to learn more about himself, he allows until then unknown facets/aspects to be revealed. This piece is focussed on what the guest experiences when he is received by the person. In “Centre of Gravity” the protagonist is involved in a battle. Without an opponent and unwounded he expresses through dance the disappearance and absorption of his character as a whole. This kind of spiritual-life has no longer a justification and is part of our the whole which defines us. The agressivity of his appearence and the music represents the determination which is essential to accept ones own identity.

Clément Bugnon (choreographer & dancer)

Sandy Flinto (concept, installation, video & photography)

Pierrick Grobéty (concept, installation, video & music)

Co-production: Anciens moulins ROD, Orbe, Switzerland

Support: Luxembourg Ministry of Culture