a production by Sandy Flinto & Pierrick Grobéty

Voix off explores with using the medium of contemporary-dance in a Videoinstalation, the definition of reality.

The locality of the video-installation cannot be defined. For this it employs the individual interpretative hypothesis, which are expressed on the street by those asked.

These different statements accompany the dancers in their choreography. The invetigation in terms of the sonic and physical qualities of the urban environment, which transforms it´s form in order to attain the state of responsiveness and sensibility which it evokes is only part of this search.

The performance devotes itself thus to our relationship to virtuality and reaches in this way a transition of the scenic development, of which it´s live sound-world forms the rhythm of the dance and back in reverse.

Clément Bugnon (choreographer & dancer)

Matthias Kass (choreographer & dancer)

Sandy Flinto (concept, installation, video & photography)

Pierrick Grobéty (concept, installation & music)

Co-production: Kulturzentrum “beim Nëssert” and TROIS C-L

Support: Luxembourg Ministry of Culture, Fonds culturel national, Foundation Indépendance, Fonds START-up and Oeuvre de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.